Funeral attire

Funeral attire

Unfortunately, this is something everyone out there must endure; losing a loved one. The upside is having opportunity to reconnect with family you may not have seen in awhile. It is unfortunate that the only time families convenes is for a death.

Now back to fashion. As I pack, I wondered, what shall I wear. The question that always plagues me is what do you wear to a funeral? I remember often when I was a child, the only color you saw was black. I can remember ill fitting clothing, ginormous flowery hats, ill fitting dresses, panty hose sagging at the ankles, and orthopedic-like shoes…

However, many are challenging that rule. I have seen some wear purple, where others forego panty hose, and wear close fitting clothing. That being said, I have gotten a great deal of inspiration for this post.

Check out the following looks I created; that each of you can replicate with pieces of your own. Enjoy!


Sam Edelman tan coat







Burberry umbrella
$315 –


Burberry metal glasses



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