Concert attire

I have the pleasure of attending 2 concerts (Drake and Beyoncé), along with a holiday party, and school holiday performance all in one Week! So I have been putting some outfit ideas together as I peruse through Polyvore. I am so excited I can barely stand it. The only thing in the way is the burning question…. What in the world shall you wear Ms. Kia?!

I will be honest. I love to shop heck, I’ll admit I’m a shopaholic. I can shop anytime, anywhere, anyplace; happy, hungry, sad, or indifferent. It really doesn’t matter the occasion or my disposition. However, I’m determined to wear something I already own. Since I shop so much, it’s difficult for a lady such as myself to remember all of my choices.

When I attend concerts I love to be comfortable because I like to dance and sing along with the artist. That being said I live for a short dress because I absolutely love my legs however it’s quite chilly in STL. To accommodate I will apply thigh high or knee high boots. For those with a nice donk behind you, I suggest wearing either spanks biker shirts or something similar to keep your unmentionables unmentionable! I plan on throwing on either a camo jacket or leather biker jacket…

For your viewing pleasure I put together a polyvore set mirroring my concert attire.

What do you all wear to winter concerts?

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