Groupon / Shutterfly

Hello all! Unlike many other bloggers who may be taking a break during the holiday season; I have want to become more engaged and inspired with my audience.

I love Groupon! The only the drawback… I forget to use them. I believed Groupon used to send reminder emails; well I have not been receiving as of lately… Any who, I did remember the great buy I scored with Shutterfly. I paid $17 for a $40 photo book. It is an awesome way to get those pictures off of your cell phone and print them.  There is a new feature where you can import pics from Facebook. My computer would not allow the plug-in for whatever reason. You can either have Shutterfly randomly arrange or you may arrange the pictures yourself. I opted for the simpler, less stressful version and let the computer decide.

Groupon no longer offers this; however, they offer than pretty often. Just keep a look out. An easy way to do that is to give your email address and filter your interests in certain areas.

I threw something together fairly quickly, the coupon expired on Christmas Day. It came out quite lovely. Please check them out. The  pictures are of myself and my family ( I like taking selfies; don’t judge me!). Be courteous and respectful. Please do not make me have to put anyone in their place…. I protect my family fiercely; do not get me going okay y’all?!

To view photo book, please click the link below! Enjoy!

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