Gel nails for NYE!

I started doing my own nails about 9 months ago. I grew tired of spending $60+ on my nails alone. The kit, LED light, and nail polishes have paid for themselves by the 3rd time I used it. The manicure can last easily 3 weeks; unless your nails grow super fast like mine. To my surprise, my local Sally’s had it in stock. I went in bought the kit and a couple of polishes. The Gelish Basix kit goes for $49.95. It includes all you need to get started. You will also need to buy a good LED or UV light. I used the KISS light I purchased at Walgreens. I believe it was under $30. I am recommending a LED light because it cures faster. 10 seconds for foundation coat, 30 seconds for color polish, and 10 seconds for top it off coat. I have about 8 colors now. I try to buy when Sally’s offers a great deal like buy one get one free.

I will share a some tips:

1) Ensure you have a decent manicure before you begin. Get rid of hang nails, push back cuticle, buff nails!!

2) Do not rush. You will look a H.A.M. (hot ass mess). It is nothing worse than having a piece of lint or hair stuck in your nail. It will not come out, until you fully remove the polish which is a process.

3) Removal can be a B*T^&! You must soak a cotton ball with nail polish remover and wrap it with foil. Be patient, it may take a while depending on color. Red is definitely a beast to remove and the Matte Effect.

4) Be ready to get compliments ladies! The shine and sheen are brilliant all day erryday!

5) You will get hooked. They are so many cool colors to pick from. I try to pick shades I can wear with my work looks and off duty looks. I am pretty blah when it comes to nails.

6) Don’t be shy adhere stickers and gems to your nails. Apply it prior to Top it Off (last coat) and set. Be fun!

7) Yes I have used on my toes and they were the I don’t have any pics handy, but if I receive requests, I will try to find ’em. But it can be tricky to remove. Wrapping foil around your toes. But hey I was on vacation and my toes looked great for weeks. I applied little flowers and rhinestones. Everybody thought I had a professional pedicure.

8. FYI: Gel nails can make your nails brittle and soft. I don’t care what GELISH website or other reviewers say. I use an OPI nail strengthener underneath. After 2 coats my nails were strong and are no longer brittle. It was a little pricey though…$16.95. But hey it was worth it. An added benefit, it allows for a better application. Paint won’t run down your cuticle looking like my 7-year-old painted your nails. Then it allows for an easier removal (not recommended). So my nails last about 8-10 days. I am able to gently peel away my paint with no foil/nail polish remover. After I do this, I apply an oil based nutrient along with a cuticle oil from OPI. My nails are back to good as new.



To be continued; I am trying different colors with the GELISH foundation and top coat. Will show results after I rock this for a while! Bye y’all!

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