This blog is dedicated to you ladies. Females who can juggle demanding careers, hubby, kids, dogs, and emergencies, without skipping a beat; looking fierce while handling it all. I salute you all. Content will be insightful, funny, and downright honest. I am tired of the debate, “Can women have it all?” Of course we can.

This is for all of you who like me look sassy and sexy while doing it without missing a damn beat!

club photo


My motto is QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY! If you know me, I look for value and substance; not what’s hot for this season. It isn’t all what’s in a name. Trust me. I have bought items from designer labels that have not lasted as long as say a well known department store brand. Don’t be a label whore; it isn’t worth it in the long run.

R & R

I ask myself 3 simple questions you must ask yourself is 1) Has this style resurfaced within the last 15 years? 2) Will this be relevant a year from now? 3) how often can this piece be incorporated into my current wardrobe? IF you can answer yes to all 3 go for it. If you can answer 2 or less; only invest if its a super duper steal of a lifetime or better off just leave it.

I adopted these principles because as you will come to understand I am a shop-a-holic for real. I have clothes in 70% of our home. It has become so bothersome, I find myself buying 2 or 3 of an item because I forgot I purchased it… How pathetic and slow of me is that?! This is a constant battle in my home. Then I have to literally climb through my clothes and shoes to find anything. It really is so sad. Y’all please pray for me. The flesh is WEAK!

My Family

Look @ God! Won’t he do it!!! My Man-Boo and Baby-Boos. Life would not be worth living without them.  Check my family out. I am so proud of us and what we have overcome. Oh and I could I ever forget out pup, Chadwick. He gets on my nerves but he is one of us; yeah I will say it once… I love him too. Yes, my eldest son (boy to the right) is quite the model huh?! FYI he did model for 3-4 years and grew tired of it.

fam pic

Aren’t we just so GQ in this pose! Everybody was looking and smiling at the same damn time! LOL!


Lastly, love yourself. Stretch-marks, thick thighs, and healthy backside; love it all. Don’t take life too seriously, joke, laugh, dance, and have fun doing it. If you make a mistake, take note and re-arrange yourself to get back on it. Mistakes make way for great rewards. Take selfies; look back at it. When I say look back at it; I do not mean look at the person behind you, silly! I mean turn you neck around, without hurting yourself, pop it, twerk it in the mirror; your backside that is. You do not have to get all Miley’d out with it. Just enough to make somebody wanna look back at it… SEE?! You gotta duck pout your lips too though.

It is hilariously trust me; I have my friends dying doing it randomly at work, when I am supposed to be serious.


Thank you all for joining me on my journey. Now legggo!  selfie 2

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