Trink Turk NYFW 2014 Review

Trink Turk NYFW 2014 Review

Herve Leger Show NYFW 2014 By far the be

Herve Leger Show NYFW 2014
By far the best video I have seen. The dresses and crop top/skirt combos are so adorable and sexy. I loved the hair. The red and blue streaks were uber chic, while adding a bit of playfulness and seductiveness. A must see!

Ms. Sarah Jessica

So I have been eyeing Ms. Sarah Jessica Parker’s shoe line for the past year. I love her style and the way she puts her looks together. She is just so carefree and youthful, all while aging gracefully. Take a look at her shoes debuting on Nordstrom. I will be honest… The shoe are on the pricey side. Prices range from $250 – $400 bucks. I am one to bargain shop and wait for a sale. I will have to read some reviews from others before I drop that kind of money on a celebrity brand…. Click the link to read the story on Instyle Mag.

Maternity Pieces for expectant mothers

Maternity Pieces for expectant mothers

Just because it’s cold doesn’t mean you cannot be cute!

Just because it's cold doesn't mean you cannot be cute!